United Group and AUX Group of Industries Consortium

Lahore: United Group of Industries (Pvt) Ltd feels proud to announce its collaboration with a leading Chinese air-conditioner manufacturer, the AUX Group, well-known for their advanced technology and superior performance internationally.   


The main aim of this collaboration is to enhance cooling and comfort solutions by using ultra-modern technology and expertise. The AUX Group has about 27 years of experience in the manufacturing of intelligent home appliances. Additionally, this joint venture introduces intelligent technology and advanced features with sleek designs. The fusion of the technological expertise of AUX Group and the market presence of United Industries will provide enriched comfort, high-quality cooling, and substantial energy savings. 


The ground-breaking collaboration between these two leading companies is going to revolutionize the air conditioning industry. The significant features of the ACs include intelligent power limit, self-cleaning technology, automatic fluoride collection, long-distance airflow, super EMC performance, and many more. Furthermore, their mission is to set new standards for performance, user experience, style, and energy efficiency by leveraging their expertise and strength. 

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